Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to Sign Up As a Follower, Stop Following This Blog, or Changing Your Name

How to become a follower
  1. Click the Follow button. A 'Follow Geometry' dialog box opens.
  2. Click Google or Yahoo! whichever is your email address account. A new dialog box opens.
  3. Type your desired name in the 'Name' textbox. Formal names only please.
  4. Choose either 'Follow publicly' or 'Follow privately.'
  5. Click ‘More options.’ A new dialog box opens. Here you may edit your profile, etc.
  6. Click ‘Edit basic information’ and type your desired name again. You may opt to leave the ‘About Me’ textbox blank. Then click the ‘Save ‘ button.
  7. Finally, click the Follow button.
How to stop following the blog
  1. Click ‘Sign in.’ A dialog box opens. Click Google or Yahoo! Follow the directions. You will be told to sign in to your email account.
  2. The dialog box closes and your picture in ‘Followers’ sidebar in the Geometry blog appears highlighted. Click ‘Options.’ If another dialog box opens instead, go to Step 4.
  3. Click "Site settings" A Geometry Settings dialog box opens.
  4. Click ‘More options.’
  5. Click ‘Stop following this site.’ A ‘Stop Following Geometry’ dialog box opens.
  6. Click the ‘Stop Following’ button.
How to change your ‘follower name’
If your name appears to be in random letters and numbers, you must sign in to change your name. Click ‘Sign in’ and follow Steps 2 to 7 in ‘How to become a follower.’

Followers not showing up in Internet Explorer
There are times that the Followers widget will not show up in Internet Explorer. I recommend you switch browsers to Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, or any other browsers.

Sometimes the issue of Followers widget not showing up is a matter of allowing the browser to finish loading the page.

If all else fails
Go to Blogger Help.

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